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Travel Documents
You must have a valid passport, your return airline ticket and an Indian tourist visa for which you can check with your nearest consulate of India. You could also check with the consulate for any special travel documents that may be required for your trip.
Baggage Tags
Federal regulations require that all checked luggages be clearly identified on the outside. Please attach a tag to each piece of your luggage. These tags expedite luggage handling at airports and hotels and should remain on your luggage, throughout the trip
Be sure to declare your valuable foreign-made articles (Cameras, Watches, etc.) at a customs office prior to your departure. Without a customs declaration or sales receipt, the customs official may assess duty on the items upon your return. This can be done on departure day, at either your home city airport or the international gateway airport.
Travel Funds
We strongly recommend that you bring the majority of your travel funds in the form of travelers checks. They are easy to cash and are replaceable in case of loss.
Credit Cards
For your convenience, hotels in India accept the following credit cards for your personal expenses: American express, Diners, Mastercard and Visa.
For safety and accessibility, we urge you to carry all the travel documents, valuables and vital medicines with you abroad your flights. In India, do use the hotels safe-deposit boxes for your jewellery, excess cash, travelers checks and passports.