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What People Say

Something Incredible always happens when you come with Greater India Tours on an adventure through India, it maybe an independent journey or a special interest group

  • Camel safari in Thar Desert
  • Trekking/skiing in the Scenic Mountains
  • Royalty of the Bygone Eras
  • Riding an elephant in the deepest Jungles to spot Elusive Tiger
  • To Feast your eyes on Migratory birds
  • Visiting a beautifully decorated home in a rural village
  • Enjoying the palate of a spicy Gourmet
  • Layback cruise on an HouseBoat in the Back waters
  • Rejuvenating and Stress Buster Ayurvedic Massages of Kerala

We provide an inviting, unhurried introduction to the different Faces of India that Few Tourists ever see. You may be an Independent Traveller, A cosy Couple or a Group of Individuals who are travelling together with a special common Interest. We Invite you to Experience the Land of Thousand Religions and Two Million Gods.

Come, Discover Mother India in all her Exoticism.